Wednesday, August 09, 2006

C'ptn Hook

[Ladies, I'm finally pleased to present a Man of Courage. The first with enough calm sense of self and manly valor to grace us with his presence. You may feel free to contact the C'ptn if you so please, and I know it shall please, via this smooth Channel.]

Male, non smoker (of anything), of a certain age not to say an age certain.

Classified once as a great iconoclast by a dear friend.
Speaks English fluently but with a French accent, speaks French almost as fluently but with an English accent.

Analytically and mathematically inclined. Blood related to Dr Spock. Finds human behaviour on earth entertaining, albeit in a nonsensical and highly illogical manner.

Relates very well to Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, and strong believer in 42 being the answer to life, the Universe and everything.

Loves sailing, photography, reading.

Seeks mature woman (40-99) willing to go sailing on the high seas for extended periods. No prior experience in boat handling necessary.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ms. B

[You may feel very free to visit Ms. B at Rebel Seed. As you should, you know.]

72'...small round mounds of soft green...yesterday's pillows. Inspirational to philosopher's around the World and able to leap tall building's in a single bound (then.) When, came two tiny brown braid's, stylishly embroidered, gauzy white blouse and hip hugger's singing 'La Cucaracha' in decibels that could be heard at a distance... Femme, (now) late 40's, still inspiring, still singing 'La Cucaracha' willing to unbraid to reveal tempest of hair or whatever...seeking unique one with tango-style duende in glance when serious, when smiling (usually always,)...a light so bright sparked from inner sanctum, a light brighter than a thousand Sun's. Respite from the 67'-69' hot summer sun under the cool shade of a mighty tree, swung, the morning air hung, wet and heavy. Anxious to share a dream of sun drenched fields of a time lost, but memory would not be...both were there. Recognizing and recanting...He said She was there, looked the same but different. Chichen Itza? Card game's passed the day's, the week's, the year's. He never even complained of boredom, not even a single flinch of discomfort shown. True gallantry. He with rebel heart...everyone couldn't help but love. She... searching for that unique one-of-a-kind rebel heart in Him...that no one could resist (but hopes they do.)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ms. Miriam

Rapacious upstart - feminine, latter 40s - of few social graces, cold hands, free mind, y lo quė sigue. Special talents in divining, concocting, and transforming.

Seeking man 37-53 (or whatever) intact in mind and spirit. Discernment, verve, and kindness absolutely required.

[You may, if you're lucky, find Ms. Miriam at lunaterra. Be forewarned, if not forearmed.]

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Penning one's précis

First, some general stylistic hints.

There is always the ever popular stenographic version: Energetic mature WM ISO lissome youngish F for endless learned political discussion and whatever follows.

For the arch, self-involved, deeply ironic and laconic amongst us, you might wish to check out the LRB classifieds.

We would, however, counsel against lengthy, stream of consciousness exposition, baring every nuance of your tortured soul, unhappy childhood and current enemies, as this does tend to be a tad off-putting.

Next, the basics:

Gender [including gender(s) being sought]

Age – Coyness allowed [referencing, for example, one’s presence in Paris in ’68, a charming commune in upstate New York in ’75, a heavily padlocked garret in Prague in ’84, a very subversive recording studio in ’92, that café in San Cris last week…].

Location – Not always necessary, especially if one is “willing to travel,” only interested in virtual relationships or in a safe house.

Intent – If you wish to specify parameters, feel free.

And another hint as to proportionality. It is generally more productive to devote a few more words to describing oneself than to an endless litany of what is being sought. People tend to be rather more intrigued, for example, while gazing at beautiful frocks than when being pinched, prodded and pulled by a heartless tailor.


We are delighted to announce that, following an innumerable and occasionally tiresome barrage of requests, we have decided to unveil our new room.

A place for the meeting of hearts, minds and whatever else might possibly collude.

First, though, a kind of caveat, having to do with intent.

Some may come here from our precious YO! Basta, wishing to dither, amuse, speculate, transcribe for the NSA. And that is more than fine.

Others, however, those of a more contemplative bent - perhaps from the Parlour - might approach this venue in more serious fashion. And that is also most welcome. But also, in a world where all worlds fit, there might even be the odd convergence between the two camps.

Next we shall post a sort of template , but it will be merely suggestive. Take from it or not, as you will. I suppose the most obvious suggestion would be to compose something that would reflect, and attract, one’s object of desire, whether it be:

Serious penpal, pics a must
Transgressive Lady of the Lake
Mature progressive male who likes taking long walks on beach and watching PBS
Free-spirited female vegan anarchist with dreads
Nonsmoking Trotskyite couple, willing to travel
Heart-stoppingly gorgeous Northern Italian anarchist, must be exquisitely - yet unostentatiously – well-read, rueful, easily amused, gallant, schooled in the classics yet…[oops].

Or, obviously, whatever.

Our suggestion for now is that interested parties might post their précis in the Comments, and then we shall move them to pride of place, each having its very own Post. Photos are encouraged, but do try to keep them tasteful [understanding, I trust, that our definition of tasteful is somewhat…loose].